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Scott Seifferlein Speaker Bio 

Three Lessons From The Game of Golf That Apply To The Art of Business 

  • Learn the process of Grinding that will turn you into a champion
  • Discover the Perceptions that are holding you back
  • Find out the Myths you must over- come to own it in 2014

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 Additional Lunch & Learns and Corporate Speaking Events Include:

The Seven Golf Myths That Are Destroying Your Game- Ever been told to keep your head down? Get under the ball? Shift your weight? Then this event is for you. You will learn…

  • Why Donald Trump included Scott Seifferlein in the book Trump: The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received
  • Why getting under the ball is the worst golf advice you can receive
  • The shift your weight myth that is causing you to hit the ground before the ball
  • Why tour pros don’t keep their eye on the ball and much more

The seven keys for new golfers- Have you ever heard someone say “I tried golf once but it wasn’t for me. It was intimidating and everything happened so fast. It was embarrassing and I didn’t understand it.”? Then this event is for them.

  • How to learn golf the right way
  • Components of a golf facility
  • The six steps to embarrassment free golf
  • Three secrets about enjoying the game that the golf courses will never tell you
  • Scott Seifferlein’s new golfer tee-box system
  • Which clubs are for decorative purposes only and much more
  • How to select an instructor

How to Not be a business gopher- As golf continues its transformation from province of the wealthy to mass pastime, a growing number of major U.S. companies — including Marriott Corp., International Business Machines Corp. and Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. — are sending young executives to “business golf” experts to learn the art of selling themselves on the fairway. The rationale: Rounds of golf are now the “martini lunches” of a generation ago, so companies need salespeople with social graces and tactical savvy on the links.

  • How and when to “pick up”
  • Seven keys to talk like a pro without being one
  • Where to stand, who gets the flag, and much more

19 Holes of Business Golf Networking- Wishing your employees had more networking savvy on the golf course? This dynamic presentation will teach them…

  • How to interact with their golf companions based on the four personality types
  • The 5th hole question that will boost their ego
  • The 7th hole question that will reveal how valuable they will be to your network
  • The 11th hole question vital to your success
  • The 19th hole “It’s All About Them” Conversation

Golf for the Over 50 crowd- Have you heard yourself or your golf buddies say, “I have lost 20 yards, it must be old age.”? Then this event is for you. You’ll learn…

  • Why it’s hardly your age
  • Four exercises to make gumby look stiff
  • Why you started slicing out of the blue even though you don’t feel like your doing anything different
  • Why you should never ask to be more consistent
  • You haven’t looked up in over 50 years and why your playing partners still tell you to keep your head down

The seven things every junior golf parent should know-

  • Keep it simple – 4 ways to let them have fun
  • Give them every opportunity to play when they want to- Secrets of affordable junior golf
  • Insist that they learn proper golf etiquette- 14 must know steps for your junior golfers to blend in with the adult golfers
  • Teach them the rules of golf. – How your junior can become an expert on over 100 pages of golf rules in under 10 minutes
  • Teach them to be honest – and the side affects of the foot wedge
  • 3 excellent practice sessions- and how to teach your child to love practice
  • Help your kids kick perfectionism without destroying their dream.

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