The Game of Golf and the Art of Business: Success On and Off the Course

by Scott Seifferlein with Greg Smith

Managing our golf game can teach us a lot about managing our business: how to choose our tools and commit to decisions, how to think our way around or out of hazards, and how to execute under pressure. In fact, our style of play reveals a lot about our personality, which also plays out in our work style in our day jobs.


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Scott Seifferlein believes that learning to win on the course can also help us to win off of it. He has captured keen insights from his roles as competitor, coach, and entrepreneur in his new book, The Game of Golf and the Art of Business: Secrets to Success On and Off the Course.

The book is the lighthearted story of Scott coaching a client through a round at the famous Bethpage Black course in New York, where Scott has competed many times. His client is a middle-aged businessman who has enjoyed success in his career, but who has developed some bad habits on and off the course. Through the round, each hole is an opportunity for Scott and his client to reflect on the similarities between golf and work. The eighteen lessons include:

  • “To Score, Focus on the Process, Not the Outcome”
  • “Alignment is Everything: Are You Pointed at the Target?”
  • “Execute What You Can Do: Play the Percentages”
  • “Don’t Be Intimidated by the Hazards”
  • “Leave Your Mistakes Behind You”
  • “Know the Course, Know Your Market”
  • “Confidence: Standing Over a Putt is No Time for Doubt”
  • “Over-Reliance on Equipment: You Can’t Buy a Solution to a Bad Swing”
  • “Too Much Movement Makes Bad Shots: Minimize the Variables”

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The Seven Golf Myths
that are Destroying Your Game


Authored by Scott Seifferlein

For years, I faced the same struggles as you are now. Always getting advice from my friends but never improving. “Play the ball off your front foot!” or “Slow Down,” they would always tell me. But I just wasn’t getting any better. Fortunately, I took a job in the golf business. At this point, I was able to work with some of America’s top golf instructors, and I realized that they were not telling me any of the advice my friends told me. In fact, often times, they were telling me the exact opposite.

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